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Brisket help

Right good folks....need some advice for a brisket.
Got a little 1.5 Kilo brisket that I want to try at the weekend, looking for any tips on rubs - woods - cooking times / methods please.

Never done a brisket yet....thanks in advance

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A 1.5 kilo, I guess that be about 3lbs. So probably just half of the flat? Or maybe from a really tiny cow, haha! The rub I like for brisket is;
2tbsp black peppa
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar
1tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1tsp paprika
1tsp cayenne pepper powder
I also like to inject a brisket with a 50/50 mix of beef broth and red wine vinegar. As far as cooking time, I can't say, having never cooked a piece of brisket that small. I keep the smoker around 250 for brisket. When it gets to about 170 internal temp, wrap it in foil with some dark beer (stout or porter) and butter and beef broth. cook to 215, then put it in a cooler or wrap it in some towels to rest for an hour. As far as wood, I like mulberry or pecan, doesn't matter too much, whatever fruit, nut, or hardwood you have and you like.

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Super, ta very much...will give it a try.

It's a small Brisket pot roast....cows ain't that small here in Bonny Scotland......!!
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Sounds like some good advice from Boozer. Agree..its hard to say exactly on the times. Normal rule of thumb for small brisket flats is 3 hrs in the smoke and 3 hours in the foil. Internal temps and passing the poke test are the most reliable guides to doneness in my view. Most of the ones I cook seem to get tendered up around 200 but have took some higher due to certain exotic injections. I like to make up a small batch of Walter Jetton's sop/mop..found in the recipe section.. and dribble some of the hot mop on the lean side (which is hopefully facing upwards) as it cooks...dribbling about once an hour. When it comes time to wrap I try to include a cup of the mop in the foil. Best of fortunes. Any good brand of beef Fajita Seasoning usually does pretty good as a brisket rub. Especially good when mixed 50/50 with a good brand of Steak Montreal for example.
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brisket flat

i like to marinade in broth base mixed four or five times thicker than directions let sit in frig overnight takeout pat dry with papper towel smear A1 steak sauce rub with black pepper and kosher salt shake some garlic powder,and onion powder to taste cook at 200 to 225 for four hours wrap in butcher papper with some of marinade (some beer will not hurt put what is left in cook`s body) will be done when probe will go in like knife in room temp butter good luck and enjoy
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