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Bison Burgers

Want to try something different this Memorial Day...and save yourself some calories? Try subbing bison meat for ground chuck. My recipe calls for 3 simple ingredients and is more juicy and flavorful than most beef. Enjoy!


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Good plan. Love them buffalo burgers. What is a bison? Thanks. Dont cook em long cuz it dont take long is the key. Much better than beef. Dont see it much at all to hardly ever for sale in the regular grocery stores around here. Less they keep it hid in the frozen food section. We had a big supermarket up in Wilbarger County which had a special buffalo refrigerated island where you could buy steaks..roasts..hamburger meat etc. Seems like it had a sign on it that it was being promoted by the Aggies at A&M.Most of the solid chunks were too high for po folks. The hamburger meat was usually priced close to lean beef so tried to wear em out on that one. Cant believe the evil white devils kilt all them critters off and give us crappy old cows. It just aint fair.
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