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Bigwheel's Januine Large Batch Chili (Rev 11/01/06

The head po po axed me to bring a big pot o chili to work tomorrow and who can resist such as offer as that? Done it similar to this.

Bigwheel's Januine Large Batch Chili (Rev 11/1/06)

7 lbs ground chuck
2 lbs Jimmy Dean Regular Sausage
1 28 oz. can of Hot Mexican Tomater sauce (Kroger's brand is good)
4 T. Granulated onyawns
1 T. Granulated Garlic
2 T. Terlingua Won
1 T. Texas Red Dawg
3 T. Foat Wuth Light
3 T. Rio Tejas
3 T. San Antone Red
6 T. Collen Wallace
1/3 pot of stale black coffee
1 1/2 quarts beef broth
1 T. chicken base goop
4 T. Cumin
2 1/2 t. Lawrys Seasoned Salt
1 t. Cayenne
1/2 t. black peppa
1/4 t. red jap powder
1 T. brown suar

Brown crumble fry the Jimmy Dean sausage in a little crisco in a big pot. When it firmly brown add the liquids to the pot and all spices cept the the chili powders and cumin. Form the ground chuck into big meatballs weighing about a pound each. Poach the big meatballs in the liquid and scoot them around gently till they done and start breaking then into smaller chunks using a SS long handle spoon on a gradual basis..I do a dump and cut half the meatballs at the same time. Add each chili powder in order and at about 30 min intervals and also continue break down the size of the meat til it sorta remind you of chili. Add the cumin and cook about another twenty mins..add the brown sugar somewhere. When the meat gets all nice and it down quick in the sink full of water with no lid. Stick it in the ice box till the next day..then defat it while cold. Heat and eat. Hope they like it at work. I gonna defat in the morn. If you aint got no fancy chili powder like I got..make do with whut you have. Put the Mexene in early and the Gebhardts late..or maybe it is vice versa I like about 2 T. chili/chile powder per pound of meat on most occasions.

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