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This isn't a recipe but more of a sugesstion. When I was in grad School, I worked assisting a well-known caterer in Albany NY who had a unique banana Pudding. He took a very rich cooked Vanilla Bean rice pudding (the kind with eggs and heavy cream) and added banana puree to it plus sliced bananas and to serve it, he'd ladle it into bowls and put Gingersnap crumbs on top or crushed shortbread plus a Pizelle as a garnish. Yummy yum yum.

You can just do this to your best Vanilla rice custard.

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For easy WOW... you can't beat this one. ... orum=bbq4u
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I won't argue that it sounds delish! I just would call it nanner trifle and not nanner puddin'!

One tip for getting really good sweet banana flavor in anything you cook is to wait until the nanners are practically all black and the skins have thinned significantly. The nanners inside are sweeter and more intensely flavored than very fresh bananas. I then mash up the black skinned nanners and let them stand for 30 minutes before doing anything - the oxidation seems to help even more.
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I use the old Nilla wafer recipe qll the time and it always gets raves...just double it, it makes small batches. and I agree with letting the bananas get really ripe it adds a world of difference ... dding.html
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one other thing about cooking with mashed nanners - I usually add a little splash of Frangelico hazelnut liqueor to anything that calls for mashed nanners such as nanner bread, nanner pudding, nanner muffins etc. The small hint of roasted hazelnut seems to enhance the nanner-ness of the dish without adding an obvious nut flavor - kind of the way using brewed drip coffee in place of water in chocolate cake recipes enhances to chocolate.

I also splash around a little Frangelico in apple pies and cobblers with apples as an ingredient. I do this even if I am including walnuts. I'm more generous with the Frangelico when cooking with apples becuase they can handle the extra nut flavor. It really enahnaces the struesel topping if ytou add some to that.
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