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Curm, great site!

I hope this isn't negative!
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I can vouch for Master Cook and Mad's Recipe Emporium. I have version 7.0 and many of the recipes listed in Mad's. It's a very good program.
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BTW, for those that don't have MasterCook but would still like to view and save the recipes, there is a utility that you can use...

This recipe file browser is a free utility designed to allow users who do not have MasterCook to conveniently view its exported files (.MXP and .MX2). It is not intended to be a substitute for MasterCook.

The program, written by Ryan Walberg, and called MXP View, makes it easy to see what recipes are in a MasterCook export file. It can sort them alphabetically or by category.

It can also be used to print out individual recipes, but because it was written primarily for MXP files, it leaves a lot of coding at the end of each recipe from MX2 files. Mad's Recipe Emporium recommends that you cut and paste the portion of the recipe that you wish to print into your word processor thus eliminating all of the unnecessary trailing coding and then printing it out from there.

Of course, there is just no substitute for the real thing. MasterCook can print out in an infinite number of styles which can be completely tailored by you and is limited only by your imagination.

Here it is.

Bruce, what's the name of that file program you found for filing your recipes?
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Di you get to que alot in ALaska? I bet you can give us some grat tips for queing in the cold that we if e half tried would work awesome for us
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I use MC and Chef Tec. Granted Chef Tec is a few bucks, But it helps me with the business and I don't think I'll have to buy more software in the future as business grows.
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What Guest said.. :dunno:
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