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Sure. You don't have many options but I'll give it a shot.

[Ahh, now I know why you gave me a hard time many months ago on the other board when I suggested using wine in some Q-related something-or-another (sauce? mop? can't remember)--you don't like wine! ]

Okay. First, beer in fondue--if the cheese selection is right it can be quite tasty. Onward: You can try to sub light vegetable stock, water-thinned cream, or water for the wine but it's best if you use fattier, more-aged cheeses in the mix. This is because the alcohol in the wine lowers the boiling point of melted cheese which keeps its proteins from curdling. Longer aged cheeses' proteins break down more while it's being made which helps it withstand higher temps. Fattier cheeses have less protein to begin with, a good thing in this case. A mix of aged cheddar (1 part), Gruyère (2 parts), and Emmental (2 parts) might work. Or equal parts of those three plus an equal part of Fontina. Also, add a little lemon juice at the outset. You want a little acidity to help keep the cheese from curdling.

I wouldn't suggest nuking it either. Use a double boiler or a very low flame. And stir frequently, if not nearly constantly.

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Originally Posted by Bryan S
Thanks Bud, I knew you would be able to help me out. Yeah wine is just nasty to me. Wife has been asking me to make some so i'll give it a go soon. Thanks again
Bryan, if she has never had fondue before just crack a bottle of Head Country, pour it in the fondue pot, light 'er up and serve her BBQ on a plate with one of those little forks ... all set. Put out the candles and everything. That's all the help I can give ya with fondue.

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well fondue doesn't necessarily have to use cheese! You can use broth or even a light oil, depending on what you're eating. Of course, the melted chocolate for sliced bannanas and strawberries is the perfect dessert!
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I was a lucky guest at a fondue years before I took an interest in cooking. At that one you wrapped very thin sliced raw beef around your fork and stuck in the fondue whch was some kind of seasoned beef/onion/red wine broth like Cappy said. It was served with sauces like Jane said ... the one I liked was like a creamy mild horseradish sauce.
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