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Smushed Burger

Hi All,

This is a way to conduct some research and I would appreciate your feedback, questions and opinions. We have developed a 5 pound stainless steel weight/press that is used to 1) smush hamburger meat onto a hot skillet and 2) cook it very quickly - like 1/4 pound in 70 seconds. The value of the weight on the meat is the maillard reaction is incredible - an almost crunchy burger on the outside but without the center being over cooked. The secret is that the weight is concave on the bottom and the water in the meat steam-cooks the meat keeping the burger very moist. So it's tasty and full of meaty umami flavors on the outside and warm and moist on the inside.

My question to you meat experts is - would this be of interest to you to have in your kitchen? Essentially, the ability to make your own Shake Shack or Smash Burger for pennies, whenever you wish.

The weight is also excellent for applying to the grill. The grill marks represent flavor and the weight provides marks like you can't believe - but does not press the moisture from the meat. It also allows bacon to cook much faster as the entire slice is in contact with the skillet.

I'm sure folks will find other uses for it too, like pounding chicken and pork cutlets, breaking ice, sexy doorstop, etc.

So - with this description I would ask two questions. 1) Would you be interested in adding a device like this to your kitchen Yes/No and if no, why not. 2) What would you be willing to pay for it (keep in mind it is solid stainless steel and will survive your house burning down around it - true family heirloom "pass it down to the kids" potential.

Thanks! I look forward to a rousing discussion!
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