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Wood Pellet Stove sugguestions

New around these neck of the woods, but not new to forums

Love to grill with Charcoal, have lots of them. Starting to get into slow cooking meats, and want to purchase a Pellet stove. Just curious, I am sure it's been asked around here lots, but what should I look for, and stay away from?

Looking at the Traeger's, probually 'lit tex' model. Heading to a store next weekend that carries 5 or six different types of pellet stoves, including treager and green mt.

Thanks, Chuck

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Re: Wood Pellet Stove sugguestions

Sorry, I can't help you. I've never tried them.

I hope this isn't negative!
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Re: Wood Pellet Stove sugguestions

I have cooked on a Fast Eddie by Cookshack, and I wouldn't call it a grill, more of an indirect-type smoker.

I have friends that swear by the Green Mountain Grills and I understand that they can be used as a grill as well as a smoker, but I have never tried one, nor seen it in action.

One thing about pellet poopers is you have to keep the hopper and the feeder completely clean and no moisture at all. The pellets will absorb moisture from the air on very humid days and swell up causing it to jam in the feeder. I have seen one that was stored in a garage for a long time in the humid rainy season ans the pellets had swollen up and turned into a blob resembling concrete in the hardness factor. Pellets also can get expensive, but you can get any flavor of cooking wood that you could ever want.

Have fun with it, and keep the pellets dry and the hopper clean.

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