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I have the Silver, aside from the verbal onslaught you are about to get from TexLaw about how you should get a kettle, I love my Silver B!!

It gets really hot (600 degrees) and since it has 3 burners you can do indirect cooking as well! Flare ups are minimal if any and the temp control is very good as well! If I had the chance to buy it again I would. However, I would have bought it this year as they have enclosed the bottom for storage which mine doesn't have. Other than that...I LOVE IT! Weber customer service is great to!! Get one! But get it from Home Depot as they have the PCI grates standard on their models...Lowes does not!! [-X

I hope you already have a kettle for your sake...go get um' TL!! =D>

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I bought the two burner model and wasn't happy with how much heat you could get. I would only reccomend the three burner units.

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Wow, I almost forgot! It's my anniversary too! 5 months since I dumped the girlfriend! Freedom, man, it still feels good....

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