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"We Have the Meats"

Well, maybe not all of them!

This roast beef cook was done on my Cobb Grill in my rotisserie setup.

I started with a USDA Choice beef bottom round roast which weighed 2.68 pounds. Trimmed it of some excess fat and then brushed on a light coat of peanut oil for a sticker. Sprinkled on a generous amount of garlic salt and some butcher cut black pepper and then mounted it into my rotisserie setup.

Another kinda cold morning with a temperature of 19 degrees at the start of the cook and I got it all going just after daylight. Used the Cobb larger charcoal basket and loaded a large load of briquets (17) as I wanted a higher temp cook for this treat.

My roast about done on the cooker.

My roast was done in one hour with an internal of 130 degrees and I took it off of the cooker. I wrapped in foil and let it rest for about an hour.

Put the roast thru my slicer and it was now ready for some sandwiches.

Piled on a generous amount of my roast beef on my bun, added a couple slices of Swiss cheese, and then added some horsey sauce and my sandwich was about ready.

Sure made a great lunch.

Old Dave
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That looks very ,very good!

Well done!
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