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Tri Tip with Bold Wolfe Rub

Looking at all you guys were cooking got my blood flowing. Rubbed the tri tip down with Wolfe rub Bold style and threw it on the kettle. Sorry I cut the picture a little short, I was in a rush to eat.

Wolfe rub had a real nice taste but I need to put more on next time, couldn't taste any heat with it, but again I didn't go too heavy with the rub.

I hope this isn't negative!
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That looks very good Nick. I have never seen Tri Tip in any of the stores around here. I am going to have to put in special request. I need to make friends with a butcher.

Well done.

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That do look very good and I aint never even had a Tri Trip. Now my left wing big brudder from Sunny CA claim to cook them on his gas grill regularly. Now I was raised on sirloin steak which we had about twice a year depending on how the paychecks fell. I think these critters has got to be similar for some reason. Now you want heat out of the the reg Wolfe barking up the wrong tree. Need to add a little secret ingredient which is apparently available only in God's Country...Texas of course. It is called peppa. It comes in red black and white mostly. White is very dangerous till you have become familiar with its properties. Will turn bitter quicker than a minner can swim a dipper if you aint careful. My theory is go heavy on the black and light on the red. Forget the white. Hope this helps. Now also dont forget the Wolfes Rub..that be the most intregal part of the operation.

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Looks great Nick. I've done a couple things with WR Bold, and it's best when you put on a heavy coat and let it sit for an hour to sink in, then put on another lighter coat right before it hits the fire to get a nice crust.
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