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Tonights Epiphany

I got home kind of late tonight. Melody was out doing errands so I started dinner. I found a couple of pork loin chops in the freezer. They were about two inches thick.
I defrosted them in the microwave just enough to separate them. I then split them in half. I placed them in a zip lock bag with some olive oil and a generous amount of
I know it is for steaks, but I put it on the pork chops.

Here is what I learned:

Melody was going to be gone for a while, so I started the Char Grill off slowly. I lit only one side, placed it on low, and placed a fresh bag of apple chips in a foil bag on top of the fire spreader. I then placed the chops on the UPPER grill just off to center to the cool side of the grill. The gasser got up to about 300 degrees inside, and the wood started to smoke. I placed the chops on and set a timer for 1 hour. I also set another for 30 minutes. I turned the chops after about 20 minutes.

I went ahead with the rest of the prep for dinner.

After the second timer went off, I basted the chops with Bone Suckin Sauce and turned them over. I also raised the fire to high, but still only on one side, and still on the upper grill. I then turned the chops and put them directly over the fire on the upper grill. About ten minutes later I turned and basted again. After an hour they came off.

They were quite good. The smoke had had time enough to get into the meat and the sauce had time to thicken slightly and it had two coats.

I kind of had the idea of a reverse sear when I started out and with the high heat at the end.

I finally used the Char Grill the way I wanted, not the way it wanted. Usually I would start both burners and start the chops out on the lower grill and turn them over and finish in a few minutes, but this time I placed the meat up high away from the fire and only turned on one burner on low to heat the whole cooker at a much lower temperature than it normally runs. The results were spectacular.

Sorry no pictures, but the chops looked the way you would expect. I just get messy when I cook and I usually don't want the grease up the camera with my fingers.
BTW Melody told me they set a new record at the shop for pork shoulder served on one day: four thousand two hundred and eighty pounds Saturday, between catering high school graduations, the resturant, and a town celebration they also catered. That a lot of pulled pig!

PS they cook with 3 Southern Pride cookers, two built units and a mobile.

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Sorry Chris, but you've been around long enough to know the rules: No pics = no cook.

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Originally Posted by Griff
Sorry Chris, but you've been around long enough to know the rules: No pics = no cook.
I agree, you're working on a ban! Especially for not supporting LOCAL rub manufactuers!
Larry Wolfe
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No pics of finished product>>>>?? **Gasp**

WRB is good on chops well its good on a lot of stuff. So is Buster Rhinos if you get your hands on it.

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