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Stuffed Porkloin

There are alot of people that travel between Baton Rouge and Winnfield that have told me about a new store in Krotz Springs La that opened a few months ago call T-Belle's. It is a little market that does several specialty things. On the way back from Floridia we stopped in there and one thing that caught my eye was the stuffed pork loin wrapped in bacon with cream cheese and japs. Bought a couple of packages and grilled them. Got to say they were pretty good. Had cooked up a little fried okra, potatoe salad and roll to go with it.


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They looked great and they are easy to make yourself.

I hope this isn't negative!
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I'll take 2 plates, plus a third with just fried okra on it.
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Anything wraped in bacon is good even fruit
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Yes send me a plate please.
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Wish I had some of that right now.


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