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Steak and Burger week

Hey guys I had a really fun week Cooked a ton, ate alot of red meat and got alot done around the yard. I get alot of insperation here from you guy's on what to cook every week so just wanna say thx.

First cook was 2 Ny strips with baked potatoe and zucchini, I love steak almost as much as oxygen but it's always a treat.

Steaks hit with my steak rub

Vegi's on

steaks flip


Next was Fajitas, thx for this insperation Larry

Marinade ingredients

Vegi's marinaded in Italian dressin

Skirts on


I ate 3

Next was something new we never tried Bobby Flay's recipe for LA burgers with guacamole very good but dunno not my thing I guess. Made some pasta salad that saved the day and strawberry rhubarb crisp, all In all was great but don't think I'll be making this burger again.

Burgers on

And then desert mmmm

Thx for looking guy's Has anyone else tryied this burger? I dunno I think its just out of my taste range....I kept missing ketchup and mayo and bacon Till next week !

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Re: Steak and Burger week

JJ you have been the cookin' man recently, all looks good, steaks, fajitas, but those burgers look killer.

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Re: Steak and Burger week

Holy hell haha three great looking cooks I want some of those fajitas nice work
Mike Derrico
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Re: Steak and Burger week

That all looked great.
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Re: Steak and Burger week

Everything looks fantastic!!
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Re: Steak and Burger week

Never had the Bobby burger but all that meat looked great!

I hope this isn't negative!
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