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Spinnin' Turkey Breasts

I needed to cook four turkey breasts which weighed a total of 30-3/4 pound and decided to do them in my Ez-Que rotisserie setup on my Green Mountain Pellet Grill. The capacity is two breasts at a time so it will take a couple of cooks.

Meat Preparation

After I had trimmed up the breasts, I made up 32 ounces of Shake’s Honey Brine and injected each breast with about 4 ounces in each side of the breast.

Next step was to place each breast into a large 2-1/2 gallon zip-lock bag and pour a bottle of Wishbone Robusto salad dressing over each piece of meat. The 4 bags then went into the fridge overnight for my combined brine and marinade period. I did turn them over a couple of times during this overnight time period.

On the morning of the cook, I sprinkled on a generous coat of my no-salt and no-sugar rub and mounted two of them into my 8” Ez-Que cradle for the cook.


I loaded the grill with hickory pellets and fired it up and then brought the temp up to 175 degrees for my short smoke cycle of about one hour. I installed my rotisserie cradle into the cooker and got it spinning.

After about an hour, I upped the temperature to 325 degrees and started my mopping process.

I made up some “Roadside Chicken” marinade / sauce and mopped the turkey breasts at each 30 minute interval until they were done at 160 degrees internal temperature.

The breasts just before they came off the cooker.


I unloaded the two breasts from the cradle onto a couple of plates and they sure looked good.

We planned to use one of the breasts for ourselves and the other three will be given to a neighbor.

I cut the meat away from the bones on our breast and sliced it for our use.

I toasted up a couple of slices of low-carb wheat bread and smeared on some mayo on one half. I then added 3 nice slices of my turkey breast. On the other piece of bread, I added some lettuce, tomato, and some sliced red onion. I then added a couple of ABT’s and one Pig Shot to my plate.

Now that’s a serious turkey sandwich!

Another great rotisserie cook on my Green Mountain Grill.

Old Dave
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That sandwich looks killer! And for Puff, I'd eat that!

I hope this isn't negative!
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God O'Que
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That is a lot of great looking turkey, the neighbor should be real happy!!
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As is becoming usual Dave, great looking cook, that sandwich does look KILLER!

BTW, I had those same blue C&I plates for years and now my daughter has them.
Buzz Price
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Being a breast man myself I'd say those are right up there with the best!
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Originally Posted by Nick Prochilo View Post
That sandwich looks killer! And for Puff, I'd eat that!
I would hit that like it insulted my Mother!
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Yummy, turkey tits!

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