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hey, I got a couple of chuck eye steaks the other night at a great price, and they were wonderful. Not ribeyes, but dang good.

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Nice lookin' Chuck steak is going for $1.89 at our local market this week. I guess I'll have to get some!

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cant you get a chuck roast and split it in the middle where the fat layer is and make a flat iron steaks?

ive been wanting to try this for awhile
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I use chuck steak in my spagetti sauce (my pops recipe). I follow his tradition of putting the trimmings in a hot skillit with evoo (extra virgin olive oil ala rachel..hehe), searing them all to heck and giving them to the dog. Well, when I tried this at home, I saw a big chunk of meat and decided Id try it. It was great !!! Just a little crispy on the outside and tender and flavorfull inside..and juicy too !
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