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Roast Beef on the Rotisserie

I did a couple of USDA Choice Angus Eye of Rounds on the rotisserie in my GMG Daniel Boone today and they came out great.

One roast weighed 2.57 pounds and the other came in at 2.95 pounds. After some trimming, I sprinkled on some garlic salt and then cracked on some fresh black pepper and mounted the roasts in my cage.

I had the cooker running at about 170 degrees for smoke and I added the meat. Upped the temp about an hour later to 275 degrees to finish up my cook.

The smaller roast on the left side got done first at an internal temp of 120 degrees so I removed that roast.

Looked good.

The second roast finished up about 25 minutes after the first one and I removed it from the cooker.

Gonna make some fine pit beef.

Wrapped and rested both roasts about 90 minutes.

Put the roasts thru my slicer.

Made a nice pile of roast beef.

Made up some horsey sauce and spread on my bun. Added a generous portion of the sliced roast beef to the sandwich and then added some cole slaw and veggies.

Coming along nicely.

Made the Au Jus and added it to my meal.

Dipped that first bite of the sandwich in the Au Jus and I was ready to eat.

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Excellent job! I haven't done a roast beef on the rotis in a while, just might have to give that a whirl again!

I hope this isn't negative!
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Looks great. I really need to get a kitchen slicer, any one know of a good place to get one?
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