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Pulp Chicken

Pulp Chicken
The other night as I suggested I would I put eight boneless skinless thighs seasoned with my Citrus Rub into a Zip Lock bag and poured in about eight ounces of fine orange pulp from oranges I had juiced during the week. I let those marinate until yesterday evening and reseasoned them just a tad with more Citrus Rub and then onto a hot grill they went. While they were grilling I took the remaining eight or ten ounces of pulp and added some honey and some Citrus Rub to make a finishing glaze. This came out really tasty. To know I had been tossing out all that pulp all this time. Actually I could have probably left out the honey as the pulp was so sweet.

Alright this was a really casual meal and I just grabbed a paper plate to warm some of the leftover veggies from Saturday's crawfish boil and just decided to eat from it.
Of course we had plenty of baby creamer potatoes and I added some fresh green beans and okra from the boil which came out delicious. The beans and okra would be fantastic in a bloody mary.
I just added some butter and that was it.

The Pulp Chicken will definitely be something I'll be doing again. It came out absolutely fantastic!!!
I bet it would be great with pork and I'm sure beef too.

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The chicken looks great T and the beans and potatoes look mighty fine too. Quentin Tarantino, John Travolta & Uma Thurman would all be proud
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