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Pork Shoulder Roast on the Cobb Grill

This will be my last test cook on my Cobb Grill as I think it has earned a spot in my camper for the season. While it is not big enough to cook for a group, it will cook quite well for 2-4 people and produce a fine product. Items like a whole butterflied chicken, meatloaf, burgers, tenderloins, steaks, sausage, ribs, loin roast, and now a pork butt. Will also do some sides with the meat as well and will bake bread and pizza.

I started with a Pork Shoulder Picnic that weighed about 4 pounds. I cut the skin off and trimmed off some of the fat and gave it a good rub of SGH.

I filled the charcoal basket with a full load of Ozark Oak lump and brought the little cooker up to temp. Loaded my picnic shoulder and as you can see, I had plenty of room left if I wanted to add some baking potatoes, maybe a pan of baked beans, maybe some other grilled veggies, etc..

The cook took about 5 hours and I did add more lump twice during the cook. I also made up three packets of wild cherry chips and used them on top of the charcoal basket for extra smoke during this longer cook.

The roast about 30 minutes before I pulled it off the cooker.

The last step was to give it a glaze of Blues Hog with some clover honey for the last 30 minutes.

I tented the roast with foil and let it rest for about 30 minutes and then pulled it.

Meat tasted and looked great.

I added a potato treat and some fried sweet corn that was cut off the cob and it made a nice plate.

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Dave you need to do a Cobb grill class, that looks great. It is amazing all the meals you have made on that in the past few weeks.

Buzz Price
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Looking mighty good. If you ever want to save some labor...skin the beast after it has been on the fire for about 3 hours. It comes off like a used protective device.
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