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So... We'd bought four of those rib steaks pictured in the previous thread; and last night we made the second pair.

The fire was a mix of oak logs and some big lumps of mesquite charcoal (lumps too big for the smoker); and the charcoal was added before the oak was anywhere near coal so they'd get ready together, with the vents properly adjusted, etc., etc.

Yes, I'm still getting used to the new pit. But it occurs to me that grilling is one of those deceptively bottomless exercises. There's always something new to learn; and the more you learn and better understand, the clearer your realization that you don't know very much at all. Using logs -- and otherwise getting closer to nature -- doesn't change that so much as throw a spotlight.


What were we talking about?

Klose Steak Grill with Swing Set
Backwoods Fatboy with DigiQ II
Other Stuff
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Re: Pondering

Just like the worst thing to say to me is that the recipe is perfect. Then there is no more fun playing and tweaking. It is always fun to try new things and find more to learn.

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Re: Pondering

Well grilling is real easy. All it takes is an 8 buck insta read gauge from Wally World with the large numerals and small probe (only paid five for mine but it been a few years back) plust a pair of good tongs which come from Acemart. If you want steaks pick it up with the tongs and stick it with the gauge longways, When it comes out 150 its time to eat after it has rested about an hour. That give you a hot pink middle which is whut rational folks enjoy. If a person do not mind ecoli the best way to eat it is raw. Eskimoes survived like that for thousands of years etc. Kindly repoat back if you want other stuff. Thanks.
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