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God O'Que
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Pollo Asada Torta

Cooked some onions, jalapenos, yellow peppers with the seeds and veins removed. I also had a couple of artichokes left too.

2 lbs of store bought premarinated Pollo Asada from my local meat market.

Slathered a Bollio with mayo and toasted it on the grill

Plated. Torta had the Pollo Asada, the sauteed onion/peppers, refried beans, lettuce, tomato and avocado. Sides were just more refried beans and guacamole flavored tortilla chips.


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I'm not sure I can pronounce this dish, but I sure would love to taste some, looks great V.

Buzz Price
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I'd call it delicious!
I hope this isn't negative!
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Originally Posted by Nick Prochilo View Post
I'd call it delicious!
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Wowser..That looks excellent. Not sure who woulda ever thunk of the mayo to make toast deal. Thats a good plan. How was the quality of the premarinated chicken? lol. I bought some similar treated beef Fjita verson at the big Mexican super market. Was nice and tender..mechanically tenderized great but they had apparently also went nuts on it with Meat Tenderizer. It was real gritty and mushy..if you know the sensation of chemical tenderizers. Surely they would not treat chicken so shabbily.
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I saw the thread title and I knew it was V. It is truly painful to see such food and not be able to eat it. V, you are killing me!
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Saint O'Que
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dude you win! you are putten us all to shame. I gotta get back on the grill a bit more.

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