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Pizza Margherita

This is a “work In progress” as I have a few things to improve on but I am getting real close to a great high temp pizza on my GMG Daniel Boone Pellet Cooker.

The first proof on this bowl of dough was a full 24 hours so it had the time to get nice.

I then cut and formed it into 4 small balls for my pizza and let it proof the second time for about 2 hours.

While waiting for the dough to proof, I set the cooker up for this bake. The first thing I did was to take all the drip trays and internal parts out of the cooker. I then added my high temp flame tamer insert or setup.

Next step was to add the standard cooking grid and then my heavy duty lower hearth stone.

I then added a raised grid and my second or upper hearth stone.

I set the temp to 350 degrees on the controller which should relate to above 650 on the hearth with my high temp setup and let it come up to temp and then run for about an hour to have everything hot and ready to go.

Next step was to make up some sauce and I left it a little chunky.

I also got a few of the other ingredients ready and made up the first pizza on my peel.

Just before I put the first pizza on, I checked the lower hearth stone temp and found it around 700-725 degrees so I put the pizza on. That is a little high but I figured it would cool down some before all four pizzas were done.

I baked all four of the pizzas for about 4-5 minutes each and then took them off the cooker when the crust looked close to what I wanted.

Would have been a little better if the tops would have browned up a little more but I will fix that on my next bake.

I did add some pepperoni to one pizza and some prosciutto to another to keep the wife happy.

The crust wasn’t perfect but still not too bad.

I was satisfied with the structure. All four of the pizzas were great.

It’s still no wood fired pizza oven but I think with a little more work, I’ll be able to bake an almost perfect Pizza Margherita in 4-5 minutes.

Old Dave
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Those looked great.

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Looks mighty good.
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When I saw the subject I was anxious to see the post ... A typical OD cook, looks great!
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Nice crust on those pizzas, well done!!
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