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You'll get a lot of different replies to this question. If you liked the way you were able to grill your steaks on the gas grill, I would try to duplicate it with charcoal as closely as possible.

Here's the way I like mine. I put a VERY hot bed of coals about 4 inches from the gill surface and let the grill get very hot. I don't season before grilling steaks, only after they're taken off the grill. The grilling time depends on the type of steak (I mostly grill boneless rib eyes), thickness of steak and quality. I grill 3-4 minutes on each side for a medium to medium rare steak that's about 1 inch thick. If the steaks are really thick, I'll sear on each side then move to indirect heat to finishing grilling to desired doneness. That's the way I like my steaks, take it for what it's worth.

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Well let us start with the steaks. There aint but about 4 good porterhouses which can be cut off a cow..and two of them has a hidden blood vessel which runs down the middle and makes it you got about a 50/50 chance on each of those steaks that they will be tough. Stick with T-bones in the future...will increase your odds of a consistent product. Hopefully you get lucky and not have any tough ones this time. I personally let my steak set in the rub only about 30 mins but an hour should be just fine. I skip the oil and all that mess. Just give em a rub (Montreal works real well) a rest and throw em on a hot fire. I usually cook mine on the gasser and it get up to about 450. On a nice thick steak I give em 6 mins per side with the lid shut then start sticking them sideways with my instant read gauge till it show 150 in the middle. If it aint there keep cooking. Minimize the flipping. Ideally you should have to flip only once. Pull em off to one side so your sure the stalk of the gauge aint picking up the heat off the fire instead of the internal temp of the steak. I wrap with tinfoil and let em set for at least an hour. That usually give a hot pink middle which is how we like em. Best of fortunes to ya.


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I cook mine like alton Brown shows in that video. Get the coals as hot and lilkr 4 inches under the grill. I let my steaks get to room temp before putting on. As far as steak rubs, you just have to try to find what you like the best. You are cookin for you in reality. Once the grill is super hot clean it off via brush etc. Now chunk those babies on there and sear each side shut. I go for like 4 minutes at a that heat. Now you can either keep cooking where they are or move them to a cooler part of your gril until thge internal temp is what you and your guest like...Get you a digital thermometer if you want. Once the steaks are done or even alittle before that, take them out and set them on a dish so they can "REST", juices will flow out and then back into the steak.. Now dig in !!!! Let us know how they come out...Here's one I did...Also check out all my steak videos if you have broadband..Link in my signiture...Good to talk to ya,,,

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Well, contrary to what others have said, and what Ive done in the past, on my last steak cook I did the oppisite. I believe it was Finneys idea, but Im not sure. I put charchol in half the grill. When it was hot, I put my grilled veggies on the fire and the steaks on the other side. Once the veggies were done, I seared both sides of the steak over the fire (about 1 min and a half each side)..came out juicy and perfect rare to med...
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You will get a more evenly cooked steak with the finney method.
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For next time, here's a very consistent method for steaks less than 1-1/2" thick.

Temper, marinate, rub, grill, rest, serve.

Temper: 1 hour before cooking, remove steaks from refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature.

Marinate: 30 minutes before cooking, place the steaks in a single layer in a non-reactive pan. Splash both sides with red wine and Worcestershire sauce. Cover with saran or foil. After 10 minutes turn. You will notice the marinade became syrupy. That's a good thing.

Rub: After 10 more minutes, drain the excess marinade, but leave the steaks' surfaces wet. Season the steaks generously with rub on both sides. Here's a basic (Montreal or Santa Maria style) rub recipe:

6 tbs Morton kosher salt or 8 tbs Diamond kosher
2 tbs fresh ground black pepper
2 tbs sweet paprika, or (better) 1 tbs mild chili powder, or (best) 1 tbs each sweet and smoked paprika
1 tbs granulated garlic
1 tbs granulated onion

Grill: Using one or more chimneys, start enough charcoal (preferably hardwood lump with a few hardwood chunks mixed in) for a very hot fire 50% bigger than the area of the steaks. When the chimney(s) are shooting fire, empty them and spread the coals in an even layer. Replace the cooking grates, and let them heat up. When the grates are hot, brush them with your grill brush to clean them as well as you can. Oil them with quickly but thoroughly with a brush. Repeat the brushing and oiling process if you couldn't get the grates clean the first team. Clean grates mean crisp grill marks. Cruddy grates won't tattoo.

Hold your hand 1" over the cooking grates, and count 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc. You should feel an irresistible urge to pull at 2 Missis -- that's a grate temperature of about 600 deg -- ideal. If possible adjust the distance between charcoal and cooking grates to achieve this temperature, if not you'll have to change times. Place the steaks on the cooking grates, close the hood for exactly 90 seconds. At the 90 second mark open the hood and turn all steaks 90 degrees (for cross hatching). Close the hood and wait another 90 seconds before reopening and turning the steaks. Repeat the process for the second side allowing 2 minutes before turning. After the turn leave the hood open. After 90 seconds press-test the steaks to test for doneness. For 1" steaks, 2 minutes on the last turn should yield medium rare.

Rest: Remove the steaks to a warm plate. Cover them loosely with foil and allow them to rest at least 7 but no more than 10 minutes before serving.

What were we talking about?

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Something to try it's real simple.
Put them steaks in a ziplok bag and cover them with Allegro original. Seal them up and sit them on the counter for one hour and flip. Sit for another on that side. Remove from the bag, rub with some course black pepper and garlic powder and cook to the desired doneness. I think that is the best steak I ever eat.

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Originally Posted by Bryan S
Take the steaks out of fridge, let them come up to room temp if you want, if not it's no big deal. Just coat them with S&P. Place over the hottest fire you can generate and just cook them till your desired done internal temp. After you take em off put a pat O butter on each one let rest for a few and eat it. It's just a steak, cooked over a open flame. No need to over think it. Easy does it and keep it simple, they will come out just fine.
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