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first thing I'd do is invest is some of disposable grilling sheets, so your
food doesn't have to touch that nasty park grill. Or even bring your own grate to put over the grill.

Next get some aluminum pans and foil. cook the dogs first and
put em in the pan, might want to add some melted butter and
beer and chopped onions to help flavor em...wrap tightly with
foil and set aside.

Cook the burgers and put them in another pan with some
beef broth or french onion soup (not a lot, just enough to
keep a moist environment. Foil tightly, then put both pans
on the grill to stay warm until it's eatin time. as you get room
for the dogs, put em on so they can warm up again.

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What kind of grate does it have?
How close is it the the bottom of the pit?
Is it adjustable?
What's it look like?

You may wanna go down and do a test fire before you serve for a crowd so you'll know how it reacts.
(bring a hard wire brush and some veg oil)

Do you have a chimney starter, chunks of smoking wood, Lighter fluid or Matchlight? ( if you said Yes to the last two.... Lurk more and read the forum LOL! (kidding))

2 bags of Kingsford should be more than enough ..til we get more details.

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Cappy has some sound advice. Just be careful with the "public" grill. Ya never know what has been on there.

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you can buy them at WalMart, Target Meijer, dollar stores are a good place too.

You can also get them in disposable foil type as well for easier cleanup.

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Originally Posted by jmartin
thanks guys, where do i find the grill toppers--- do you recommend them over foil? i'm going to take a look at the grill tomorrow so i'll have more specifics.
You can also find them at most hardware stores, and sporting goods stores.

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