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New propane grill, need tips

First time propane griller here. Really big fan of grilling and it seems propane is just too convenient to pass up. It's basically an old 2 burner char broil griller with some sort of flame protector in the bottom of it (if that gives you an idea of what its like).

I still haven't perfected making burgers with it though and need some tips. I know your suppose sear it on one side for 5-6 minutes them flip and cook for another 3-4 minutes (or at least I was told). Your not suppose to smush the patties either, ect ect. They keep coming out burnt on the outside and not so done on the inside though.

The burning probably contributes from the High setting and because the flame picks up. I currently don't close the lid either. Should I close the lid and put it on medium or so?

Also, where should I actually put the burgers on the grill? It seems as though my left side gets hotter. Not to mention I don't know whether or not to put it close to the center ( where the flame protector covers) or to put it closer to the far back and far front. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Forum. I'm not much help on a gasser, but on charcoal I get the heat to around 350 and put the burgers away from the flame and direct heat, close the lid go about 10 to 15 minutes a side, then over direct flame a minute a side and that should do it. The idea is to get the burger up to about 110 on the indirect side of the grill and then sear it over the flame getting to the done-ness (rare, medium, well) you want. Hope this is helpful, I'm sure some others will weigh in. Keep trying.

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Dittos to Buzz..sound like your cooking a bit hot. Let your meat come up to room temp or at least warm up a bit from the iceboxDont turn it up full blast for burgers. Mid way works good. When you throw the patties on there resist the urge to flip until blood starts coming out the topside..then flip. When it comes out again on the topside still it with the gauge. It is say 160 thats just right. If it dont say that keep cooking. All the smart folks bound to do it like You got any way to generate some wood smoke? If so thats good too. If not no worry.
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Yep, you are cooking too hot. Yes, get the grill good and hot with the flame on high, then scrape your bars with a wire brush to get the bits of the last cook off. Close the lid and let the temp get back to really hot again, maybe a minute or so. Put the burgers on over the hottest area on your grill. With practice you will learn there are hot areas and not so hot areas on your particular grill. This is good, sometimes you will want to use the hot areas and sometimes you will want to use the cooler areas. The same effect is done with wood or charcoal by building an offset fire. Again, the burgers start on the hot area with the grill on high flame. As soon as you close the lid drop the flame to under medium. How long you let the burgers cook depends on how thick the patties are, I like mine like small meatloafs, about an inch thick. When you flip the burgers move them to a cooler area. This creates a nice crust on what ends up being the top of the burger and cooks the bottom gently.
As a general rule for gassers, keeping the lid up is like keeping the door of your oven open. I do both gas and charcoal, gas for the convenience and when I have time charcoal for the flavor. Of course depending on what I am cooking.
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When you have a chance drop into the New Members thread and introduce yourself. This is an excellent forum with many knowledgeable members. We love pictures, of course this leads to the question you will hear, "Why are you taking pictures of the food?"
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Hi Accoustic. You recieved some excellent advise. I will chime in with a couple of my suggestions if you don't mind. I would get yourself a Kingsford Grill Surface thermometer ($8 on Amazon). Being able to measure the surface where you put your meat will help you out. Speaking of surface, I use GrillGrates: Grill Grates For Charcoal Grills, BBQ Grills, Propane Grills, Smokers, Grills, Fire Pits Camping Grillgrates At GrillGrate I get a much better surface to cook on. Even temp across the entire cooking area. No flare ups, and some really nice grill marks. And lastly, I need to know the internal temp of my (and my family/guests) food, so I use the highly accurate thermapen (search on Amazon and see the reviews). I swear by these products, but there are many other products that do basicly the same thing.
Hope it helps.
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For some smoke flavor you can go to a farm store like Tractor Supply and get some expanded metal mesh to place wood chunks on. Just place this mesh over your flame protectors and wait for the wood to start smoking before you start cooking. You will need to close the lid to get the full effect.


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