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Need Advice from Vets

Hey guys,

Very pleased to find this forum. I'm a relatively novice Griller and BBQer. I absolutely love Grilling, BBQing and steak is by far my favorite food but I rarely get a chance to engage in this excellent passion. I'm going to a BBQ in two weeks and I'm hoping to grill some steaks that give my fellow BBQ'goers taste orgasms. I've developed two recipes (Teriyaki and NY Strip Steaks) that I'm looking forward to cooking up.

My question for you good people is that I know relatively little about grilling and BBQing. I've had some smashing successes but also some pretty epic failures grilling steaks. I'm expecting to serve about 30 people here and I want to make sure I get this right.

So my questions for you good people...

1. Could of you direct me to some basic 101 information on the art of grilling steaks? I'd really like to brush up on my basics and go into this as prepared as possible.

2. What kind of steaks would you recommend for this event and where would you recommend I go on a budget to get them?

3. Also what are some of the steak recipes that you personally enjoy?

I'm planning to use one of those city park grills and charcoal for this event.

Thank you very much, I hope to learn a lot from this community.

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Re: Need Advice from Vets

How big is a "city park grill" ? How long is it going to take to cook for 30 people?

Off the bat, I'd go with marinated flank steak...sliced thin at service.

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Re: Need Advice from Vets

Buy your meat at Costco. Flank marinates well. Most other cuts just pepper, salt, onion and garlic powder. Figure 1/2 pound raw weight per person. Flanks shouldn't be cooked past medium rare in my book. I don't know how big the grill is that you will cook on. Can you fit all the meat in one cook or will you need to do multiple cooks?
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Re: Need Advice from Vets

not sure I'm buying this....what were your epic failures?
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Re: Need Advice from Vets

Sic em Cappy. I smelled a rat on the front end of this deal.
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