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Need a new grill

Hello. I'm in the market for a new one, my current rust bucket just got kicked to the curb. I have a budget of $250-$400. Not interested in a side burner. I would love a Weber, but the only one in my price range is too small.
As an aside, a lot of places, (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.) sell maintenance plans with the grill. Is it worth it, or a waste of money? I would think with a Weber it would be a waste, not sure of other grills.


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Re: Need a new grill

You'll ony get one answer here - Weber.

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Re: Need a new grill

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Re: Need a new grill

Find a used Weber on Craigslist and refurbish it. Foolish people practically give them away, quick check in my area revealed a stainless 3 burner with a tank for $55 and a classic 3 burner with a tank for $25. Keep in mind used tanks have a $40 value. Put $150 in on new burners and grates and you have a practically new Weber for under $200.

I'd been looking for a one touch gold charcoal grill, held out for a month and found one used 4 times and got it for $40 on CL.
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Re: Need a new grill

Buzz Price
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Re: Need a new grill

Get a Weber charcoal grill.

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Re: Need a new grill

First of all, gas or charcoal? I have both, a Weber Genesis gasser my father in law bought me about 11 years ago and an 18" I picked up for $10 at a garage sale. From user experience this forum will always recommend Weber because they build a high quality product. There are other high end grills which are excellent, however Weber builds quality grills for a more reasonable price. Grills are a season product, soon stores will have them on clearance. IMHO, look for a Weber you like then cruise around stores until one drops the price into your range.
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Re: Need a new grill

If you are going gas, you can get a Ducane Affinity; a 3100 (3-burner) for about 3 bills and a 4100 (uh, guess how many burners) for...yep, you guessed it...4 bills. Ducane is owned by Weber. The warranty's are not as long as a Weber brand, but at much longer than most others in that price range. Plus, you'll get the same excellent service and backing of Weber.

The build quality is decent. It's not the single cast aluminum, but it's also not the flimsy sheet-metal either. Check out your local Ace Hardware. They might have one on the floor. (They also carry the hard-to-find 4100 online). I am sure you'll notice the build quality over the others in the same range.

My budget was a little less, but I still wanted a four burners. I picked up a Kenmore, made by Permasteel. It doesn't have quite the solidity of the Ducane's, but its got a great quality/feature/price blend when they go on sale (the price changes more than the weather). Plus, its backed by Sears, another decent company. Oh, and the searing burner is awesome.
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Re: Need a new grill

Look at the Broil King line. They are made of good quality and for the price better than weber. Customer service from what I have seen is very good too. Company has been around since the 1900 started doing grills in the 70's. Warrenty is not as long as weber but from what I have seen of the lower end weber Broil Kings lower end is much better.

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