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God O'Que
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My Wife's Birthday Dinner

I have no decent plated pics so I'll just post each individual thing. anyway here goes.

A couple of T-bones grilled on the Santa Maria pit. I'm not much of a fan of T-bones to begin with but that is what my Wife picked out so that is what I cooked.

Some shrimp cooked in some butter, garlic, and Cajun Seasoning.

One of my Wife's favorite sides of mine, creamed spinach. It doesn't look that appealing in the pic but this stuff is really good if you like spinach.

Another of her favorites, Garlic cheese bread.

And a Side salad. We stopped at a Olive store over the weekend and picked up some very good olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. I made a dressing using some Basil infused olive oil and honey balsamic vinegar. great stuff.

Not the best pics but my Wife enjoyed her special meal so I'm happy with the outcome

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Great looking birthday dinner V, she's a lucky lady!

Buzz Price
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Seconded! Good looking food and I'm sure it tasted great.
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Looking totally uppercrust as usual! My Little Bride likes T Bones too. She likes to eat the loin part and leave me the tougher strip side. Kindly tell Mama big Happy Birthday from we'uns.
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Nice job V! Momma musta been happy with that.
I going to have to steal that shrimp idea from you, thanks
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Wizard of Que
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Excellent! What a great gift to be cooked for and to be cooked for like that.

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