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My Father's Day Eats and Gifts

When I found out that my wife wanted to cook a big meal of assorted sea foods I intervened and suggested a simpler fare. Grilled Burgers and fries!
We can and do eat well a lot and I just wanted today to be a day not entwined with cooking and cleaning and overeating. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy those types of good meals but I just wanted an uncomplicated meal today with my family.
Today's version of burgers were made with salsa mixed into the meat. No other seasoning just the salsa. This makes for a juicy and tasty burger. Sides were seasoned french fries and something I didn't expect. Usually we make these as wontons but today my daughter made them as egg rolls. They are made with crawfish, cheese, peppers, onions breadcrumbs and other good stuff. I dropped these into the deep fryer and they were done in under two minutes.
Waiting and getting the Keg hot.

Getting hot around the grill I needed something cold to quench my thirst.

The Crawfish egg rolls before going into the hot oil.

Done!Served these with some of my homemade Blueberry, Raspberry and Chipotle Sauce for dipping.

I enjoyed my Father's Day meal tremendously and so did everyone else.

Some of the gifts from my children. Nice score if I may say so.
Silicone bottles for saucing on the grill, a one gallon jug dispenser for tea that I love, a gift card for an oil and vinegar specialty shop and stainless steel oyster shells for char grilling oysters on the half shell without the real shells. I love them all but especially the shells. I guess that seed planting a couple of weeks ago took. Lol......

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Looks great!!!!

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Great lookin' Father's Day meal T, those Crawfish egg rolls look really good , nice haul on the gifts too.
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Yeah I have to agree with my associates, great lookin meal, and nice gifts.
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Mighty special Sir. Looks yummy. When you get around to reading the owners manuel tell us how to work the silicone grill saucers. Thanks.
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