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Pork Butt
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I spread lump out just like bricks. Depends on the cook how I do it, but just like bricks. Sometimes evenly sometimes indirect.

Lump doesn't need to be fully ashed over like bricks do. Once there's a good glowing ash on most pieces(and all show signs of being lit) you're ready to go. Remember there' no fillers in lump like bricks. You don't have to overcome all the "foreign objects". Once lumps lit it's lit.

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I have always lit mine in the chimney. I put a few kingsford on the bottom then fill it the rest of the way with lump, lite with the starters and when they are going I dump them on both sides of my kettle and go to town. Indirect in middle if needed and good hot fire on both sides.

I hope this isn't negative!
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One thing about lump is that it burns hotter than bricks and usually a little faster. So your temps and time will be different using it versus bricks until you learn how to control it's different burning properties. But is a much better flavor in my opinion.

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Pope O'Que
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It burns much hotter and faster than the regular charcoal briquettes. If you're doing some grilling you will not find a better heat source. If you're barbecuing you will find that you need to add smaller quantities more often in order to control the heat properly.

The low and slow method of cooking breaks down the collagen in meat and helps tenderize tougher cuts for easier eating.

Just wait...using LUMP won't soon be good enough, soon you'll turn into BBQ monsters like the rest of us and won't be happy until you're making your own lump!

The weather is here.... wish you were beautiful

Imagine my disappointment if i were here to make you happy
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Or starting with lump and burning all wood from there on out!!!

But yes, I too am guilty of making my own lump. What better way to pass the time when cooking a brisket or pork shoulder. Gotta have something to do.

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Saint O'Que
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It does depend on what you are cooking/grilling/smoking.

Here I have them banked to one side.

also here

On both sides

Practice, Practice, and more Practice.

I love the flavor of the food smoked/grilled with lump charcoal.
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Wizard of Que
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Love that Lump

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