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Liver and Onions

This was a staple when I was growing up. Very inexpensive, but very good. Super simple to make comfort food! I have some practicing to do, cause mine was not near as good as my Moms! But it was still pretty darn good.


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That's a tease, no plated picture! Least it wasn't AS long as the other. Damn ads!

I hope this isn't negative!
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Liver and onions are one of my favorites. Especially game liver the same day you killed the beast.
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I wish I enjoyed the flavor and texture of liver. It really would open an undiscovered realm of food items for me. Wild duck, wild goose, chicken gizzard, chittering and all other internal organs I tend to group together with liver and unfortunately I think they are all nasty.

Except boudin. I do like real boudin. The one made with liver. Go figure.
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Well like some of the other seasoned citizens who inhabit this place was raised on calf and pork liver with onyawns in some good tasting brown gravy. Never one of my all time favorites but could eat it once a week or so as long as the ketchup held out. Pork was the best of the two but cant seem to find any nowadays. Flat cannot eat Boudan or Dirty Rice which do not have it. In fact chicken liver subs out great for the pork variety and do not have the tendency to turn bitter unless highly abused. Also love fried chicken livers as long as they are matched 50/50 with fried gizzards. Yum yum. Livers alone can be a little too rich for some.
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