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Keeping it hot

I just bought a Weber One-Touch Gold charcoal grill and had a little issue with it. I cooked country style ribs on it which I read had to be slow cooked for about 1.5 to 2 hours. I'm using 365 brand from Whole Foods (which I really like and have had good luck with previously) and lit them with a chimney. I kept them on the sides with a drip pan full of water in the middle. I then placed the ribs over the drip pan and not the coals.

I had a problem in that any charcoal that I added never seemed to catch. One side almost completely went out after an hour and the other stayed lit but was really losing heat. I had the lower vents open and started out with the upper vents slightly opened till I realized that the fire was going out. I then opened them all the way but the added charcoal still never caught.

I've never done any long. slow cooking on a grill, always burgers, steaks, chicken, etc. Anything that needed to be slow cooked I started out in the oven but now that I have this grill I would like to slow cook on the grill and avoid the oven if possible.

My 10 year old daughter walked in the house and said 'Daddy can't keep the grill hot'. Help, I'm gonna lose my guy cred here...

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Hey welcome to the forum. Not much on kettles but would venture it either has to be the fire isnt gettting enough air (most likely) or you got some crappy charcoal. Try some Kingsford and see if that helps. Also hope you are getting a good start with the chimney. I like propane flame throwers for that chore. Takes a bunch of time and guess work out of the equation.

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You can also lite the new coals up in the chimney before you throw them on.
I hope this isn't negative!
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I actually have it figured out. Had the air choked off a bit too much. Tried again and it worked fine.
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