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I really don't see anywhere in your post what it is you plan to do exactly, i.e. catering, vending, roadside sales, etc. Tri-tip and chicken both lend themselves to more direct or high heat grilling as opposed to low and slow BBQ, so that might dictate what type of "pit" you purchase. What kind of rig are you using now?

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Hey Breeze welcome. Sounds like you have some grand plans brewing. Best bet in my book would be to start out with a small scale outlaw catering bizness then work your way up the food chain. Learned a long time ago the SBA do not loan money to white males. So if you fall into that class of folks would take a wild guess you could forget getting any money from them. Actually anybody who would loan a person money to go into the retail food trade would have to have a loose screw in their haids. Success rates for eating establishments hovers slightly above zero over a time span of a year or two. Hope this helps. Now you could send your wife to the SBA and she prob snag a few hundred thousand easy to open a nail salon massage parlor etc.


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I run a shoestring kinda operation, week-ends only, with an average of 4 catering gigs a month. I too work a real job and between the two jobs, I put in about 80 hours a week. Be prepared to struggle and always be tired... .....go with the largest pit you can afford and get one that is capable of handling more than tri tip...note, chicken takes up a lot of real estate when yur cooking. If yur rules and regs are anything like the rest of the country, you will need a mobile kitchen capable of processing everything that you will serve and cleaning afterwards. That means 4 sinks, (one is a handwash) capable of washing your largest pan. Then there's refrigeration and pepsi coolers, hot plates, water heater, water storage (hmmmm, I have a 6 gal propane wtr heater, new, which I'd let go reasonably) etc. Not trying to talk ya out of it, just pointing out things which will be necessary. I have to haul water as I don't have running water at the pit....thats a pain in the a$$....Anyway, we're in year 6 and it's finally paying off....that means 5 years of perseverance. I hope you do it in much less time. Best Wishes, Best of Luck.
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