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Is my grill too hot?

I finally got a nice digital thermometer and spent a couple of hours profiling my grill. It's a 2 burner cast aluminum Sunbeam that I've had for years and finally got around to reconditioning it last summer. The temperatures I'm seeing seem a bit high (compared to my oven/range) and I'm curious if they are typical or if I'm going to have problems with slow cooking/smoking which is a new territory for me. I've been reading that I need to be at 230-250 for a few hours to successfully cook ribs for instance, and the grill doesn't go that low.

These are the results of my tests. Cover closed, center temp on the cook grill -

Time: 30 min, center 430, warming rack 355, both burners low
Time: 1 hr, center 264, warmer 250, one burner off, one low
Time 1:30, measured over the "off" side main grill 257, warmer 230

Does this look normal to you guys? With both burners on medium it'll peg a 500 degree thermometer.


Dave from CT
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Dave it seems you would need to get it down below 300 and better yet below 250-275. Most folks like to do ribs in the low to high range 225-300. Someone else might have a suggestion on how to keep your temperature down.

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Gas grills are tricky to do smoking on because they are built to get grilling hot, like the 500+ degrees. You got several measurements around 250 which is a good temp for ribs. Best way is to try a slab or two and post the results. Good luck!
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If you can get an area on your cooking grid at 275, you can cook spare or bb ribs just fine.
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