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Infrared Cooking?

I was thinking about replacing all of my propane burners on my grill with Infrared burners since all my burners are burnt out anyway. Will I be sorry afterwards? Can I do all my cooking this way, or is the Infrared only for searing steaks etc. I'm just finding out about infrared so sorry for the elementry questions.

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Re: Infrared Cooking?

My first question would be how simple a conversion kit would be? And how much? My understanding is infrared is still gets it's power from propane, is there a difference in usage rate? Do the dimensions of a grill originally built for propane work for one purpose built for infrared? What is your original grill? Lots of factors to determine a quality answer. There was a member some years back who used an infrared, the long time members correct me if I am wrong but I believe he went by Surfing Sapo. After the switch to new software and servers some of the archived posts have been lost.

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Re: Infrared Cooking?

Sapo had a standalone infrared and did some posts several years ago. As I remember he really liked it.
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Re: Infrared Cooking?

Yeppers when a person bump into a full growed Greek from set up an pay attention. They wrote the book on grilling. Old World to the New World type transitions. Anything the Greeks refuse to eat get imported to the Eyetalians. Thats how Norm Corley from Athens, Greece explained it anyway. He is an old ex pat lifer in the Military who settled in down there. Anybody hear of him or how he is doing?
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