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http://www.amazon.com/Weber-721001-Smok ... 372&sr=8-1

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Good choice but doubt it make it to Dad by July 4th. Might have to cough up a little extra and buy it from the store. Prob save enough in shipping to make the cost even out a bit..course that will get the old sales tax deal cranked up so back to square one. Know BBQ Galore has em..and seems like maybe True Value Hardware..Home Depot or Lowes. Never seen one at Wally World.


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Originally Posted by Captain Morgan
What Captain said. I've never seen the wsm at Home Depot here. I look ever time just outta curiousity. Good luck. The WSM is perfect for learnin as far as im concerned. I imagine once I make the jump to an offset ill really start learnin all over again!
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Cappy is totally right. And avoid buying the cheaper style Brinkmann! It is almost impossible to make bad Q on a WSM! Worth the cost and the wait to have it shipped!!!!
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Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. Use the Amazon link at the top of the home page so the forum gets a little kick back.
Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker ?
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I think Academy sports sels em
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Of course Cappy is right! Why do you think he's the Captain!
I hope this isn't negative!
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I love my WSM
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WSM ( Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker) is the way to go. Nothing finer to do Butts on in my opinion. Once you learn how to use one you just about dont need a temp agauge to tell when the butts are done.

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