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Grilled Sweetbreads and Pork Tenderloins

So after looking at the video from SS, I decided it was time for me to try some sweetbreads and boneless pork tenderloins. I called a buddy of mine that works for Whole Foods and asked him to get me some Sweetbreads, and he graciously obliged. Just after I received my gift from my friend, my wife called me and said ďIím going to Costco need anything?Ē Of course I said ďpick up some pork tenderloins and beer pleaseĒ...god love her. Anyhoo, I boiled the sweetbreads as SS suggested, cut them up then sprinkled with rub. I used Tonyís on half and Blues hog on the rest, I think I preferred the Tonyís as It was a little bit more on the salty side and that went great with my beers. After I had wrapped the sweetbreads in bacon and put them back on the grill, on went the tenderloins. I used Yoshida and a little Moondance Marinade on the tenderloins and I let em soak for 4 hours. I cooked em to...yes 160 as Iím not crazy about anything pink when it comes to pork or me paranoid. Anyway, everything turned out great and Iíll definitely try sweetbreads again. Iím a big liver fan and they reminded me of that but more on the creamy side. I think next time Iíll try soaking them in milk, then sautť them in butter and garlic...yummm. I had a bunch of Non Union Beers (sorry JB) so please excuse my rambling. rock dude and Iíll surf some waves for you this weekend Brah.


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All looks good down hear my fellow southerner!!!! That's good beer too...

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Oh yeh and a nice brew to go along
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ahhh a man of intrigue ... u once had an akward moment just to see what it was like ehh
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