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Grilled Shrimp and Char Grilled Oysters

Coming home this afternoon driving the 24 mile long Causeway bridge I got to thinking about some fresh shrimp and how good they would be cooked on the grill. I figured since I was going to be grilling some oysters in my Father's Day gift of stainless steel oyster shells i would be good to have some good grilled shrimp as well. Took out my cell phone and called the seafood market to see if they had any big shrimp and sure enough they did. Ten-15 count for $4.00. I told them I'd be right over. I got there and saw that they were nice but I only got five pounds.
Tonight's dinner was going to be grilled shrimp, char grilled oysters and salad.
Beautiful shrimp!

The Blade of that knife is seven inches long and the shrimp aren't completely stretched out.

After peeling and de veining them they were skewered and seasoned with my Wild Citrus Seasoning.

It didn't take long for the shrimp to cook at all.

Now for the oysters. I picked up two pints of P & J oysters this morning and these were much nicer than another brand that wanted over a dollar and oyster and P & J's are top quality.
I placed the oysters in the shells and had so many that some shells had two and three oysters in them. I added the garlicy butter and cheese mixture on top of the oysters and set hem aside until the charcoal was ready to dump into the grill. This is a simple grill similar to a Webber that I considered getting rid of but it's perfect for grilling oysters.
I will be doing a post separately from this one on the SOS shells so I'll limit the pictures I post here.
Right after putting them on the grill.

Got some flaring up action from the butter mixture melting and bubbling over onto the hot coals.

After sprinkling a little more grated parmesan cheese on the oyster they are done. Time to bring 'em inside and start sopping up those delicious juices with some good French bread.

No plated pictures but the salad was great with the grilled shrimp on top and those grilled oysters were FANTASTIC!
I mentioned that I need to got to Drago's to have their's again to figure out their sauce mixture and my wife said she thought these were better.
When my son got up(worked late last night and helped someone move today)he had some and said they were REALLY good. Nice! Two good compliments.
So, the SOS Stainless Steel Oyster Shells worked absolutely great!
Oh, to clean them I just put them in a stainlees bowl with hot water and dishwashing liquid to soak and will finish cleaning them in the morning.

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I'm trying to go to bed and you post a spread like that, now I gotta go back to the kitchen, the problem there is nothing anywhere near that in my kitchen. Looks great T!

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I'd eat that!
I hope this isn't negative!
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See you tried out your fathers day presents! Good Pics
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That looks fantastic!!
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Wowser. That looks good.

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