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I love grilled portabellas...if you get them big enough they can be a meal by themselves!

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That sounds like a great cook. I would like to try those mushrooms someday.. [smilie=a_goodjobson.gif] [smilie=a_goodjobson.gif] [smilie=a_goodjobson.gif]

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I like to grill them with just a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and melt some provolone cheese on top for a nice sandwich.
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Thirty years or so ago, when a crimini (common brown, cultivated) mushroom grew too large, the growers would toss it because even though the taste remained the same, the texture was rubbery and they were just too unfamiliar looking, too mutant, too toadstool. I don't know which came first -- the idea of grilling them whole and using them as vegetarian "burgers," or the idea of renaming them "Portobello," but they came at about the same time.

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What were we talking about?

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Those shrooms sound good, I could almost smell it when I read the description.
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