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Greek Cajun Texan ABT's

Well folks this stuff is awesome!!! I took some Breaux Bridge, Louisiana Crawfish tails and chopped them. Then mixed in some Allegro hot & spicy along with Feta cheese and cream cheese. Stuffed that into jalapenos and wrapped with cheap bacon. Talk about good!! Enjoy the film.

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Greek Cajun Texan ABT's aka Bacon wrapped stuffed Jalapenos from TeamSurfinSapo on Vimeo.</p>

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Man SS you've been on fire this week and those bad boy's looked KILLER!!! I'm still waitin on my buddy to call me to let me know my sweetbreads are in...I was hoping to have em for lunch today.

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IDFGI 16 ABTs only!?!?!?!
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Hey could you FedEx some of those up to us tomorrow afternoon we'll be doing some ribs and having some cold beer and that sure would be a nice snack.........

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Old 06-20-2009, 07:41 AM   #5
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Looks good SS. Make a crawfish cocktail with them extra tails Boy. You talk about good....
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SS - those look great. What did you use to clean out the peppers so well
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Old 06-20-2009, 02:01 PM   #7
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Way to go Sapo. Perfect for a Friday night!
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Looks great Sapo. Never woulda thought of a crawdad tail in there. Everybody from Corpus is just so smart.

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Oh Man!! I love that recipe!

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