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Fresh Ground Burgers

Alright if you haven't realized it just yet I'll admit it for all the world to know. I am a burgerholic! There, I've said it. I love a good hamburger! What's not to love? Using good meat and ingredients there's nothing wrong with a good burger!!!!
Tonight I made what I can honestly say were quite possibly some of the best yet. Nothing fancy but I did start using fresh home ground beef. Now this might not sound right but I used part of a rump roast ground right in my own kitchen and it made for some fantastic tasting burgers.
At first I thought it might be too lean for burgers but after grinding it looked to just about perfect for good burger making.

Now when cooking burgers or anything out on the grill for that matter you need to start with good quality ingredients and and good icy cold adult beverage. Today's drink of choice was a frosty cold Abita Jockamo IPA.

In case you didn't notice in the previous picture the burgers were already on the grill cooking.

These are looking perfetly grilled!

Now while I have your attention I want to let you know the best way to make a great cheeseburger without melting the cheese to a microthin layer of oily yellow mess.
Here's my method for the best way to make a cheeseburger. AFTER the burger is grilled and removed from the hot grate, place whatever cheese you prefer one the burger once you place it ontoyour platter or whatever on the hot burger patty and the residual heat will melt it perfectly over the meat.
Below the three to the right had the cheese placed on them just like the two to the left. after a couple of minutes it will melt perfectly and you don't lose any of your cheese melting down onto you grill grates.

And now after building the burger however you like you should end up with something that looks just like this below if you are me.

Okay, we'll get just a little bit closer.

Just in case you're wondering what that reddish looking drink is in the background. I switched to a Blood Orange margarita. Damn! Those are really some delicious!!!!

dledmo, Thsi is for you!
A Blood Orange Margarita.


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Great lookin' burger T, nice post. Just in case you missed it this guy has a great YouTube channel and does all kinds of burgers Ballistic BBQ .

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Nice looking burgers!!
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Thanks for the drink! That is a good looking burger and I recognize some crispy crowns!
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I love me some tater tots... Especially cooked on the grill !
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Holy $hit.............that is the post of the month!

I hope this isn't negative!
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