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First Cook on my New Traeger PTG (cont.)

This is another black iron breakfast pizza that was done on my first burn in my new Traeger PTG. This recipe is a work in process and only the second time I have worked with it. The recipe does need some more tweeking to suit me. When I get it right, it should be a great treat.


2 strips of bacon
1/3 lb of sausage
about 1TBL of additional bacon grease and some flour for the milk gravy
1/2 cup chopped onions
1/4 cup chopped bell pepper
1 small potato shredded into hash browns
1-1/2 cup shredded cheese
2 of the larger Pillsbury Grand refrigerated biscuits
3 eggs scrambled

I used a number 8 black iron skillet

Shred up the small potato into hash browns and fry them up. Cut the bacon into pieces and start it in a pan. After the bacon cooks up for a few minutes add the crumbled sausage and brown it. Remove the meat from the skillet and be sure to save the grease. Add about 1 or two tablespoons of bacon grease to the skillet along with some flour and milk and make up some white gravy. Scramble up the 3 eggs.

Prep the balance of the ingredients.

This is all the ingredients except for the gravy and biscuits.

I am developing this recipe for tailgating and to make it easier at a game, some of the items can be mixed together and then placed into your containers or zip lock bags and placed into your cooler.

I have the crumbled up hash browns, the onions and bell peppers, and the scrambled eggs mixed up and in one container. The meat, gravy, and cheese go into their own containers.

I rolled the 2 biscuits out pretty thin as I wanted to try a thin crust pizza on this attempt.

We added about half of the bacon and sausage gravy.

Next on was my egg, onion and bell pepper and the hash brown mixture.

The balance of the gravy.

Next was the bacon and sausage and some salt and pepper.

I finished it off with the cheese and chives.

This went on the new PTG running at about 375 and baked a little under 20 minutes.

Came out looking good.

I added some crushed rep pepper to my piece and scarfed it up. Neither myself or my bride cared for the thinner crust and will use straight pizza dough and make the recipe more deep dish on the next try. Will also try a couple more herbs and spices on the next one. It was still a good pizza.

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OK, this bad boy is happening next weekend!

I hope this isn't negative!
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I'm with Nick, headed to LI next weekend Keep us posted of the final revisions to the recipe, this is a great idea.
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Yum yum..this could make a fat boy
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