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Finney's Rub

Well I had the chance to try Chris's rubs the other day on some chicken and steak ... orum=bbq4u. I used rub #1 on the steak and rub #2 on chicken thighs. Both rubs were great! Rub 1 was very spicy like Chris had said. He said it would also have a citrus flavor to it also but the heat over powered the citrus flavor. I think this rub would taste good on butts or brisket but will be lost on ribs or chicken. Rub #2 was one of the best rubs I ever tasted. It had a carabian flavor to it that was perfect with the chicken. I'd bet it would taste equally as good on ribs. The heat is perfect ( at least for me), it hits you as an afterburner which is the way I like it. I also glazed the chicken with "Saucy Susan" whick is sweet. The combo was great! I don't think this rub would be too good with brisket or butts because I think it might get lost if it's in the smoke that long. I would definitly buy this and use it on chicken or ribs. Great combo of heat and sweet. Thanks Chris!

I hope this isn't negative!
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Wow Nick, thanks for the compliments on the rub. Glad you liked them.

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