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Cobb Grilled Meal

This whole meal was done in a Cobb Grill which is a very small portable grill that is great for a RVing or tailgating.

This cook consisted of a little over 2 pound pork loin roast along with some veggies. The loin roast was marinated overnight and then I applied some garlic salt and some fresh ground black pepper just before it went on the cooker.

The veggies were a couple of potatoes, some cut up bell peppers, celery, and carrots.

I made up 2 foil packets of the veggies and with butter.

I did the same with the potatoes along with some butter.

I also made up 2 medium onions with butter and bouillon cubes and then wrapped in foil.

I figured I would need about a 2 hour fire so I loaded the firebox with 11 brickettes which will be enough for the whole meal.

I carefully loaded my 2 potato packs and then my 2 veggie packs along side my charcoal fire. Next step was to place a wild cherry chip packet right on top of the brickettes for my smoke.

Placed the grid and rack on the cooker and loaded my pork loin roast and then my 2 grilled onion packets.

I just let it run for about 90 minutes and checked the pork and found it at 136 degrees so I pulled it off the cooker and then closed it up again for 30 more minutes and then pulled the balance of the cook.

Unwrapped the veggies and plated them up. Sure looked good.

Pork loin roast just off the cooker.

As served.

Made for a nice Easter meal and was sure simple to cook on the Cobb Grill with only 11 charcoal brickettes.

Old Dave
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Great lookin' meal Dave! Thought about a Cobb a year ago, but I'm not a camper and my wife has told me I have enough grills soooo .... I don't have one. Maybe I'll leave the laptop open to your post and hope she see it, Father's Day is just a few months away.

Buzz Price
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God O'Que
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Very nice looking meal Dave. I have read those grills are very efficient fuel wise. With all of the money you gonna save on charcoal you should be able to get yourself some decent beer now!!
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