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Cobb Co-Bobs

This cook was done on a cold and windy morning a few days ago on my little Cobb Grill.

I cut up some red, green, yellow, and orange bell peppers and placed them in a one gallon Zip-Lock bag. I also added some red onion squares and some mushrooms slices to the marinade bag. Next step was to pour in a bottle of Wishbone salad dressing and place the bag in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Got the co-bobs ready on some small wooden skewers that would fit the grill.

I fired up the grill and got it ready for my cook.

Placed the first round on the grill.

While the veggies were cooking, I cut my Black Pepper Spam into some chunks and then got some pineapple and cherries skewered up and ready for the grill.

This is my second round of veggies finishing up on the grill.

Next step was to get the meat and fruit started on the grill.

Bowled this treat up and it looked pretty good.

Wife added some additional fruit (berries) and a stick of garlic bread and we had a fine meal.

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Can't say if I have ever seen a better meal using Spam than this one, well done!!! Enjoying it with a Milwaukee's Best is a nice touch too!!!

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Looks wondedful. I'm a SPAM fan also. But I like Limburger, and head cheese also. Id lump up Bucket head for some of that jazz! Loooks tasty indeed!
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