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Burnt Ends

I didn’t show any pictures of how I did the burnt ends from the full packer brisket post I put up a couple of days ago so here is the info with some pictures. I hope this answers the questions from the folks that were interested in this process.

After the brisket was done, I pulled it from the smoker and then cut off the point which will be used for my burnt ends. I cut the point up into squares measuring about 1” by 1-1/2” pieces. I put these pieces into a pan and added some more rub and cayenne pepper, some beef broth, and some Blues Hog Sauce. It then went back on the smoker for about 2 more hours to get them as done as I wanted. I took them off the cooker and placed the brisket chunks on some paper towels to drain and cool down and then they went into the fridge for another meal.

This is what they looked like when I pulled them out of the fridge for my lunch.

I selected about 5 pieces from the bowl and then heated them up for my meal and then added a dribble of Blues Hog sauce. Served with a baked potato, a piece of my sourdough bread, and some tomato slices.

This treat is just so much better than the standard brisket in my opinion and believe me, I don’t share these burnt ends with my neighbors!

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Looks great! I've never made burnt ends. I guess I need to do some next time I do a brisket I'll have to do them.

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God O'Que
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Fantastic looking burnt ends, my favorite thing BBQed!!!
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Dave you show restraint waiting to eat them, they look great!
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Wow that looks good!! Where's the pinto beans?
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