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God O'Que
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Beer Brats and Burgers

About as simple a meal as you can make.

Brats in a bath of beer and sliced onions

I don't usually buy preformed patties but these caught my eye so I figured I would give them a try.

Burgers done and brats done in their beer bath

Brats on direct to get a little color on them

Plated. Brats were as expected and the burgers reminded me why I don't buy preformed burgers, not very good at all.

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All looks good John, sorry the burgers weren't great but you have to keep trying new food. I like to add a little Reverend Marvin's to the beer brat bath, but I like The Reverend on my Cheerios in the morning

Buzz Price
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SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll take a bakers dozen
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Looks great usual. I could give you some brat tips since I have hung out with a lot of yankees over the years. The faulty frozen burger patties are a mystery. Did you get the CAB Patties from Nolan Ryan? I will ask the Little Bride about this when she gets back from Kroger with my 12 pack of bud light.
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