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Hello BBQ and grill enthusiasts,

First, I would like to thank you for taking my first two surveys about grills. The data from these surveys will help me complete my graduate degree.

Recently, I have created the last, and most important, survey for my thesis project, and I am again asking you to please participate. This survey, located at NC State SDO Lab Discrete-Choice Conjoint Survey, is about customizing a specific grill, and it is the same format as the last survey. First, it will ask you to select one grill from a set of grills. Next, the survey will ask optional, demographic questions. Finally, it will present questions with 3 customization options each and ask you to select one. In all, the survey should take no longer than 12 minutes to complete.

If you would please take this survey and encourage others you know to take it, I would greatly appreciate it. I plan to collect responses for approximately the next 2 weeks before closing the survey.

Thanks again for your help!

P.S. - Just a heads up, this survey is about LP grills, as the majority of the majority of the respondents were LP users. If you despise gas grills or simply don't use them, you can still participate in the survey; it will just be a lot quicker for you to take.

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