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A Delicious Lunch Thanks to Mr. Wolf

Many thanks to Larry Wolf for his posting of Fageeetahs! for giving me the idea and the thoughts to try grilling vegatables on the 'ol Char Broil.

This was my basic setup. I rubbed the onions and the bell peppers with olive oil, and then sprinkled them with taco seasoning. There is one jalapeņo in the group for a little heat.

Out to the waiting Char Broil they went. I placed a fish grill over top the basic grill to cook the onions as the last time I tried this I lost some through the grates.

My friend Mr. Adams stopped by to help with the cook.

After the veggies were cooked, I placed them on my Lodge griddle which I keep on the upper grill for warming and sometimes for frying. I removed the fish grill and put the flank steak, (which I had rubbed with taco seaconing) on to grill.

I used a small Flank Steak which I bought from Food Lion, just up the street. I am getting more and more respect for flank steak in recent days. It has a great flavor and it presents itself very well.

I pulled the veggies off when they were starting to get flaccid. The jalapeņo, when sliced into about eight parts, provides just the right amount of heat to make the fahitas command a good taste memory when you bite into them.

The flank steak was about medium rare. Just the way I like it.

I then toasted the tortillas on the grill and made some delicious buritos for lunch.

All I have to do now is degrease my camera.

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PERFECTLY done!!! Now I want Fageetahs again!!!!

Larry Wolfe
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Looks great.

Now I am getting real hungry.
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That looks like it tasted great!
Nice addition of the jalapeno.
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My mouth is watering, nice job.
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Your killing me! That was perfect.
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Nice job. Do you like corn or flour tortillas? I like both. I like "pico de gallo" on the fajitas too.. Keep Cookin!!!!
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Excellent. I like flank steak a lot. Recently skirt steak has been in the meat case, don't why all of a sudden it appeared ,but also makes great fahitas.
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Old 05-17-2008, 05:18 AM   #9
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That steak is cooked just about right for me, good job.

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Nice job
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I think you've got the hang of it, Chris.

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Peerrfecto! fine lookin real fine

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