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Power and Water seem to be the two biggest gripes at comps..oh and the judges

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Originally Posted by Big Mike
I think your power may be an issue, only have 3 outlets that are 20 amp. That won't allow too many teams to hook in. What about the guys with campers and such that require more heavy duty service? I think those things require 30 amp service each don't they?
My unit can get by with a small (18 gauge) cord just to run the inverter to keep the battery charged. Granted I can't run the heat,ac,or microwave. (who the heck needs a microwave) But lights are nice. We get a 100 amp generator when we have a party down at the camp grounds and that's plenty for about 75 folk. Damn coffee makers take about 1000 watts! Put a pot on a burner.

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Sounds like a good start to what could be a great contest... Keep us posted on the dates.. Id like to come up and compete..just gotta keep the weekend open dontchya know.

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Neil, good luck with the contest but I'd still be worried about having a BBQ contest in an Apple Orchard if I were the owners. Make sure you institute a no axe or chain saw allowed policy!

A few questions:

1. Have you lined up any sponsors?
2. What's the prize money going to be?
3. What's the entry fee?
4. Are you going to do all 4 KCBS categories?
5. How many places are you paying out?
6. Are you going to have a desert or anything butt category (helps get the wives involved)

I think adding a kids Q to the event would be a good idea as well.

Good luck with the contest and talk to the people that have organized these contests like Jim and Jim.

I heard rumors that you might be able to pick up a couple of KCBS reps cheap! Just don't let them run the contest!
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